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Electrolytes and Amino acids


image: DMG Gel

Oral feed supplement which helps performance horses to reduce pain and lactic acid level.

Standard price from: 10,40 €

DMG 1500

image: DMG 1500

Supports oxygen utilization and muscle recovery. Favored by trainers and athletes.

Standard price from: 31,90 €

Electro Dex®

image: Electro Dex®
Standard price from: 23,25 €


image: Electro-zip

Oral feed supplement for replacement of lost electrolytes.

Standard price from: 7,40 €

Elite™ Electrolyte

image: Elite™ Electrolyte
Standard price from: 23,25 €

Equisport Electrolyte

image: Equisport Electrolyte

Electrolytic recovery

Standard price from: 12,90 €

Oral XB

image: Oral XB

Oral feed supplement which gives "boost" to your horse.

Standard price from: 10,55 €

Pro L-Carnitine

image: Pro L-Carnitine

Oral feed supplement which helps increase energy and endurance.

Standard price from: 12,60 €

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