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Premium milk replacement for foals and orphans.

manufacturer: Horse Master | In stock

NUTRIMILK is a highly digestible all milk foal milk replacement for orphan or rejected foals. It contains the highest quality milk for optimal growth and development. Guaranteed does not contain antibiotics.

Irreproachable quality of the raw materials: purity, homogeneity and solubility of the particles. The dairy products contained in NUTRIMILK are: whey protein concentrate, soft whey, partially non-lactose whey. There is no dried skimmed milk (rich in casein, heavy protein to digest).

- Rich in essential amino acids
- Better digestibility: faster and more complete
- Healthy energetic foals.
- Digestible fat content in the form of vegetable oils (palm, soy, copra)
- Complex vitamins, adapted oligo minerals and organic are bioavailable

This product is offered in 2 packages.

NutriMilk 2.50 kg

  • Package code: 1010202
€ 41,60

NutriMilk 10 kg

  • Package code: 1010210
€ 154,30

Dilute NUTRIMILK powder in warm water (50-60°C), mix correctly to obtain an homogeneous dilution. NUTRIMILK is suitable for use with feeding bottle or a bucket with teat, temperature for drinking 37-38°C. Thoroughly rinse the bottle after each feeding.

After colostrum catch, use the following guide, according to the animal body weight.

Detailed feeding guide enclosed with each package.

Analytical components per 1 kg:

Crude proteins 17,1%
Crude fat 15,7%
Crude ash 10%
Crude fibre 0%

Trace elements
Copper (sulfate) 24 Mg
Calcium formate, BHT, citric acid, Calcium Propionate

Vitamin E 80 mg
Vitamin A 45.000 IU
D3 vitamin 4.010 IU

Skimmed milk powder, lactose, palm oil, sugar, buttermilk, flour wheat, cocout oil, casein, magnesium sulphate, sodium bicarbonate.

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Premium milk replacement for foals and orphans.