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Fly Terminator®

image: Fly Terminator®

Fly trap for multiple use.

manufacturer: Starbar | In stock

  • Durable plastic gallon jug traps up to 35,000 flies
  • Insecticide-free - ideal for use around livestock operations
  • Reusable
  • Patented, NO-RUST plastic top won't rust when exposed to the elements and ammonia
  • Sturdy handle makes trap easy to hang
  • Includes patented fly attractant flies can't resist

This product is offered in 2 packages.

Fly Terminator® Attractant 118 ml

  • Package code: 57102
€ 11,80

Fly Terminator® Trap

Already includes attractant.

  • Package code: 14604
€ 47,80

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Fly Terminator®

Fly trap for multiple use.