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Shur Hoof™ Dressing

image: Shur Hoof™ Dressing

manufacturer: Farnam | In stock

  • Ultra-thick, long-lasting formula keeps working for days
  • All natural, with pine tar, fish oil, turpentine and iodine
  • Penetrates deep into hoof walls to improve texture and elasticity
  • Available in quart with brush top cap or gallon sizes

This product is offered in 2 packages.

Shur Hoof™ Dressing 946 ml

  • Package code: 77405
€ 39

Shur Hoof™ Dressing 3.78 l

  • Package code: 77406

Fish Oil 55% and Pine Tar 44%

Linseed Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Neatsfoot Oil, Povidone Iodine and Venice Turpentine.

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